OUR MOST POPULAR OPTION: “Design On Demand” is a weekly or monthly retainer option for clients that need ongoing help. We will be on call whenever you need us. Web, print, photography, anything…we set one price and we do as much hourly work as agreed upon. Contact us for a quote today!



Small Projects & Adjustments: $85/hr

What do we mean by small projects and adjustments? In our eyes, a small project would be a WordPress site that has already been setup with hosting and just needs a remodel. Text and pictures are already gathered, and the site is already functioning. Adjustments would entail new text, pictures, or even adding a new element. Any website that needs to be setup, or requires drastic changes (redoing majority of the site) would not be considered small and would not be charged at an hourly rate.

New Custom Project: Prices Vary

Each project is completely different. Some may require more work than you think. There are many factors that go into a custom build: hosting, domains, website information, number of pages, custom graphics, WordPress themes, sliders, analytics, phew…that’s a lot. Just to give you an idea, the base price for a basic website and setup is $1,800. Majority of projects end up between $2,000-$3,000.

Ongoing Website Management After The Build: Prices Vary

Every website needs to be updated and maintained. At least on the backend. With a weekly/monthly web management plan, we will backup, update, and track your website to make sure that it is functioning the best that it can. There are custom packages that also include blogging and frequent website content updates. Again, the price varies by project but the average is usually between $400 and $800 a month. This is very important after your build! Stay safe.



Standard Projects Under 8 Hours: $45/hr

We treat all print projects under 8 hours the same. The hours charged may sometimes include communication time if necessary. The easier the client is to work with, the less time it takes. Have all of your “duckuments” in a row and we can beat any pricing around!

Custom Project: Prices Vary

Each project is completely different. If we think that your project will take over 8 hours to complete, we will charge you one fixed price. Most custom projects have more content, such as booklets, or publications.



All Prices Vary For Branding Projects

Branding consists of quite a few things. It depends on what you are looking for. Just a logo? A logo with 3 different color arrangements and 3 different variations? Or maybe a logo, sub logo, media kit full of brand colors, fonts, and other specifications? Logos can be simple, or very complex and charging by the hour could sky rocket. It makes more sense for both the client and designer to set a fixed rate. You can expect your logo package to start at $800, and most packages tend to be around $1,000.



All Prices Vary For Photo Shoots:

Looking for a quick headshot for your business? Or maybe you have 20+ employees? Or maybe this isn’t for your business at all and you are looking for a photographer for seasonal family pictures or special occasions? We have you covered. Below are some generic price ranges for different projects:

Engagement Shoot: $200-$400
Seasonal Family Shoot: $200-$430
Prom Shoot: $100-$200
Single Person: $80-$100
Business Headshot: $50 (one person)
2-10 Employees: $40 per person
11-20 Employees: $30 per person
20+ Employees: $20 per person
Real Estate Photos: $90 per home (HDR)

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